Tuesday, April 26, 2011


    Artwork by my beautiful soul-sister, 
       Julia Fehrenbacher  

It’s the mystical time of day
when others are still rolling over
far away in dream land
with hands not ready to dance
with the snooze button.

when voices, beeps, drips, or 
creaking of the house,
are not heard
only the stillness within me is.

when the first bird serenades
me with joy and hope
as the darkness of the sky turns 
into beautiful hues of brilliant blue
 melting onto the sides of the houses
 and into the streets
becoming more and more distilled
 eventually becoming a full palette of color
as the sky cracks open
and illuminates  into a new day.


  1. stomach fluttery with joy
    over this:)
    wonderful share!

  2. Oh goodness! Fluttering with joy--I'm seconding what Jennifer said...oh, my heart--this is gorgeous, Eydie.

    What an honor that my little bird gets to stand beside this lovely, lovely poem.


  3. ohhh, i love julia & this art of hers is sooooo beautiful!!! & your poem is soooo beautiful too! the morning birds are singing as i type & the sky is cracking open. i share this w/you.

  4. What a perfect poem for this time of year! Loving it!

  5. Blue is my favorite color! This painting inspires me,,,,it is VERY beautiful! Meaningful words to match it...the freshness of a new day. A wonderful gift!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you have a happy week!


  6. This is just beautiful Eydie.

  7. Lovely poem. I love that time of morning, though I have to admit, I'm the one fighting with the snooze button!

    Thank you for your lovely words at my blog :)

  8. Love that, such beautiful writing.


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