The very essence of our life experiences are happening because of the thoughts we think, the stories we tell and the power we give to them.

The bits and pieces of our stories
are the inspiration for ArtFelt Creations.

HeartFelt Creations is a collection of one of a kind, hand crafted treasures ~ each  adorned with a gentle reminder  ~ affirming who we truly are, how we want to feel, and where we aspire to soar. 

Each creation is infused with higher vibrations and postive intentions; unearthing bravery, elevating clarity, and increasing well-being and peace of mind while gently reminding you of your inner magic and authentic light.

The collection includes: 
~ Handcrafted wrist cuffs - created with felt, fabric and silks 
~ Containers and vases – made from felt, fabric, clay, silks and yarn
~ Purses/bags, 
~ Goddess Manifestation Sticks 
   (made from colored clay, silks, textiles, and special finds), 
~ Fabric ornaments, cards and more. 

I appreciate your patience as we are in the process of providing an on-line store.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact me for photos and pricing of my current collection of hearts, Goddess Manifestation Sticks, Story Weavers, and wrist cuffs. 
Special orders are welcome. 

Wrist Cuffs

Goddess bags

Intentional Hearts

Story Weavers

Thank you for stopping by.
You are so appreciated.