Monday, December 1, 2014

Reverb14 ~ Day one ~ What I know for certain

I am participating in Kat McMnally's Reverb14.  During the month of December, I will be inspired to blog or journal from the writing prompts that will be delivered to my in-box.  The main reason for participating in Reverb 14 is to feel fully supported in saying farewell to 2014 with grace and ease, and welcoming 2015 with vibrancy and positive intention. If you'd like to play along with me, you can sign up here. 

Welcome to the first day of Reverb14.
Here is the prompt I received.

Today, I invite you to take a quiet moment to consider:

What can you say right now with certainty?

The Chicago Botanic Gardens  ~  Eydie Kugler 2013

  • Time passes quicker than I can wrap my arms around it.
  • We become the stories we tell and believe.  
  • We can change the stories we tell and believe.
  • I am loved deeply.  And, I love deeply.
  • I carry a wish deep in my heart for my daughter to be supported, loved, protected, nourished, and to discover her North star.
  • I am supported and love by my husband.  I support and love my husband.
  • I feel supported by my creative and spiritual circles, and feel grateful for each and every connection.
  • I still believe lies that are not true about me.
  • My Divine, my Angels, and my Spiritual guides are always available to me for my highest good.
  • Change is constant.  Transformation is on-going.  Nothing stays the same.
  • Sugar is addicting.
  • Uncertainly is a part of life.

What do you know for certain?
I'd love for you to share.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Are you breathing it in?

Are you breathing in
the beauty of it all? 
Really breathing it in,
with deep belly breaths. 
The kind of belly breaths that
nourish your soul, and 
fill your veins with pure light
to reflect your inner truth. 
Are you breathing it deep into
your essence and sharing
that shine with others who seek it?

Are you fully awake 
to the divine gifts from mother earth? 
Not just the leaves that fill 
you with their healing energies. 
Also, the leaves that no longer
branch out, as they begin to release
and let go, effortlessly 
grounding themselves, until a fierce 
wind swoops them up for 
one last dance and twirl, before
fluttering down to mother earth.  

If only, we could be more 
like the leaves, 
letting go, releasing, being grounding.

Remember to breath in
this golden-plumed, fire lush of autumn. 
Be aware, be wake.  For the beauty
of this season is about to peak. 
Take it all in, not for granted, not for a second. 
You know what “they” say about blinking.
For it too, will become a memory of what was. 
All it takes, is one strong stormy rainfall
for the tree to bare all.

Capture it while you can. 
Don’t bury it, don’t’ dull it. 
Allow it to shine.

And when you take in
the beauty of it all. 
Breath in 
all the wisdom 
and weave it deep through 
the core of your soul.

Are you wanting to connect with other women
where you can experience creative play, find inner peace and calm, 
and open to new possibilities?

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You will be guided during an inspiring meditation, 
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

No Apology Zone

No Apology Zone

Apologizing can be a very common practice for some of us. Too often, we apologize for being quiet, loud, late, early, big, small, introverted, extroverted, confident, shy, creative, inadequate, and brilliant … and the list goes on and on, and on again.  

In essence, we apologize for being our perfect self. 

I declare this post a "no apology" zone.  I have gracefully come back to this space after leaving it dormant for over a year, and I will not apologize.  I will not make accuses or create a story for you.  I have shown up to be present, and I welcome you back to this space.

We have a lot of catching up to do, and I know there is a lot of goodness for us to share.  I am so happy we are here together ~ with absolutely no apologies.

I have missed you, and, within time, I am so excited to share all that is good with you, my friend. 

Hang out here for as long as you'd like, and take a peak here, and here, to see my autumn offerings.