Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I AM Truth Cards

Do you want to be the truth-teller of your story?

Deep within, there is a story yearning to be reclaimed.  Perhaps, you’ve carried it around, assuming it was yours to own.  Many of us hold on tightly to our stories, allowing them to define us, and limiting us from living our most authentic life.

Reclaiming your truth story begins with “I AM statements. The process of creating 
“I AM” Truth Cards is an inspiring, uplifting, and creative journey to transform your most empowering, positive and uplifting story.

• Be guided to release your inner critic and discover clarity during a restorative meditation, and an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) group session with other like-hearted women.

• Reconnect to your inner voice and receive the gift of being heard by “reflecting” and “mirroring” with a workshop partner.

• Open your heart and honor your renewed story as you create a series of 8-10 artsy and meaningful “I AM” Truth Cards by using stamping, colored makers, paint, and pastels. 

During this process, you will reclaim and reconnect with your inner truth. Your “I AM” Truth Cards will act as your personal compass, leading you in the direction of the life you desire to live.

Join us on Thursday, July 27th ~~ from 7 until 9 pm 
At Sungates in Wheeling
$25 (by 7/22) or $30.00 at the door

You can register and find details here:
Or call phone: 847.345.0988

Facilitated by Eydie Kugler, Certified LifeForce Energy Healer