Wednesday, June 29, 2011

from here to there and back again

Slowly unwinding,

2,800 miles
from here
to there
and back again

 scattered laundry
wondering if
it will
 make its way 
to where
it belongs

not thinking
about the mail
that waits
to be opened

the quiet
as it sets in 
so much
to myself

So much
to show you
So much
to tell you

new projects
inspired by
crossing the bridges
peaking into back roads
gazing into unknown eyes

smiling back
letting go

the miles

not sure
they will take us

we will
find our way
back home

Thursday, June 9, 2011

a letter to my daughter

5th grade Graduation Party
June 7, 2011

My Dear Sage, 
My wish for you is to know how to always follow your heart and listen to the quiet voice within, and know that your life is filled with possibilities.

 My wish for you is to know how to attract and develop a circle of friends who will fuel your passion, be worthy of your trust, and supportive of your dreams.

My wish for you is to know that it’s not the make-up and/or clothes you choose to wear that makes you who you are. It’s the light that shines through you that reveals your authenticity, What matters, is how you show the world your soul, your spirit, your light, and all the goodness that is within you.

My wish for you is to know that you will always have options ~~ to know that it’s OK to make mistakes ~~ to know there are solutions to every situation.

My wish for you is to know how to have the courage to be vulnerable, and to honor your imperfections.  These traits will cultivate courage, compassion, and connection to others, and will enhance and elevate your sense of” self-worthyness”.

My wish for you is to know how to move away from what does not feel good, and to move towards what brings you JOY.

My wish for you is to be grounded in your power and to know how to say “YES” when you want to and “NO" when you mean to,  ~ and ~ to know that you do not need to explain yourself.

My wish for you is to accept who you are ~ and to never, ever make excuses for your self  ~~ to anyone.

My wish for you is to know that you are unique, caring, expressive, beautiful, grounded, creative, brave, smart. ~~ and so LOVED!

My wish for you is to always know  ~ YOU ARE ENOUGH  ~

We all desire to hear these words,
so please share this letter with
all the beautiful girls in your life.
Thank you for stopping by
 and inspiring me with your loving comments. 
 Much love and Light to all of the beautiful girls and women in our lives.