Manifestation sticks

This Sacred Manifestation Goddess Stick brings, abundance guidance,and peace & ease into your life.  Each Goddess Stick has been transformedwith layers of wisdom and inspiration, and is adorned with a self-empowering message, just for you.  When held, she can quiet the mind during meditation and prayer, enhance intuition, and help manifest your deepest desires.  She can guide you to go deep, and tap into the answers that are already within you.

When used for communication, she acts as a sacred and powerful tool to create integrity and honor. Whether she is used between two people or several, she can be passed around in a circle, inviting the person holding her to speak to while others give respect, and listen consciously until the she is passed to another member. This simple concept can transform the art of communication for anyone willing to participate.

Your Goddess Stick will also remind you of how your life is filled with limitless possibilities. When you are not holding your Goddess stick, place her where she can be seen so she can act as a gentle reminder of the magic and power within you.

Each stick was gathered during a walking meditation 
in a variety of magical forests in Maine.  

May your life be filled with Magic, Love, Joy, and prosperity. 

~ Namaste~

All current sticks have emerged  from the magical forests in Maine, and have been brought to Chicago for transformation and beautification.  To view photos of the current collect, or if you have a special order request, please contact me at