Saturday, December 31, 2011

My one simple word

As the last few hours of 2011 wash away and fade into the horizon, a whole new year is about to emerge.  It will be a year filled with brand new possibilities, and powerful intentions to manifest.  A year where positive thoughts are sculpt into realities, and simple prompts inspire new stories to be written while old ones can be edited or discarded.  Truths will be told, new relationships will emerge, and there will be opportunities for knowing when to let go and when to hold on.  

I have given a lot of thought these past few weeks and have careful chosen my little word for 2011.  This one simple, yet powerful and insightful word will help  me navigate and keep me on my path as I walk with ease in the direction of my dreams.

My word for 2012 is 

This is the word I will focus on and mediate with.  It will be my mantra when I set my intentions, and make choices for my life.

When there is balance in my life, there is peace, and everything is perfect in each and every moment. This year, I strive for balance in all I do.  

When I am in balance ~ I choose with ease
When I am in balance ~ I practice self-care and self-love
When I am in balance ~ my choices are inner-directed
When I am in balance ~ self doubt no longer exists
When I am in balance ~ the foods I eat are healthy and whole
When I am in balance ~ my energy is abundant
When I am in balance ~ I really believe "I am enough"
When I am in balance ~ I know how to ask and receive
When I am in balance ~ boundaries are set with perfect perimeters
When I am in balance ~ my heart is filled with JOY
When I am in balance ~ I am proactive, instead of, reactive
When I am in balance ~ synchronistic events occur all around me.

 ~ When I am in Balance ~
I feel deeply connected to my soul and what really matters.

What is your one simple, 
powerful, and insightful for word
for 2012?

I wish you much peace and love as you let go of 2011, 
and for your heart to be wide open
 for all the beautiful new possibilities
that await for you
 in 2012.

I wish you an abundance of magic in all you do.

I am so looking forward to sharing this journey with you in the 
New Year.


Photos can be found here, and here.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

wishing you more of what matters

I just loved these words that Martha found on Pinterest  so much that I had to share them with you.

May your holiday season
be filled with the simple things
 that bring joy, contentment and 
magic to you and your family.  

Wishing you more 
of the simple moments 
of what matters 
closest to your heart.

Thanks so much for sharing this journey with me.
See you in the New Year.

With Love and Light,


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A year of wishes

My heart is full of gratitude and joy.  I recently entered a drawing to win "A year of wishes Calendar", created by the beautiful and very talented Lori Porka and Lisa Sarick.  You can read about their stories and see more of Lori’s art by clicking on the words that are in pink. 

To enter the drawing for this beautiful calendar, all I had to do was write my wishes for the this coming year, and leave it in the comment section of Lori’s blog.  For those of you who follow my blog,  you know how much I love setting intentions.  In fact, I am looking forward to sharing our family ritual of intention setting for the new year which I will post the first week in January.  Setting intentions has alway been a magical ritual for me.  So, I wrote on Lisa’s comment section of her blog, and this is what I wished for ....

  • to create a greater sense of health and an abundance energy for myself
  • to expand my creativity and share it with others
  • to be a radiant and positive light for my daughter
  • to be loving and mindful with my husband
  • to be the light for others and to guide them to follow their hearts, to listen to the quiet voice within, and know that their lives are filled with possibilities.

I was so excited and grateful to see my name picked out of a hat.  I was one of 5 fortunate women to be gifted this beautiful calendar. 

It truly is so much more than just a calendar.  You can learn all about its magic by watching this fun and inspiring video.

When you want to feel renewed and joyful, stop by Lori’s Etsy, and spread the LOVE.  I know you will find the perfect gifts for yourself and for those you hold deep in your heart.

What do you wish for today?

Lori Portka 
“Spreads Happiness through Art”
All the art seen in this posting
 can be found on Lori’s blog

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Take What You NEED

Lately, I’ve been asking myself, 

 “What do I need? 

I’m not just talking about help with the dishes,
  more family time, 
or playing with my creative spirit.

  I’m talking about really asking for what I need.
  I recently came across
this sign on Facebook
 and just loved it.

 I thought it would be really fun
 to make my own version.

 So, I got out my paints, bushes, and fabric 
and asked myself, 
“What do I need?” 

What do we all need more of?

Since this is the start of the season of giving, 
I decided to hang this sign 
in the front entrance of our home,
as a reminder 
for all those who came and go,
to take what we need.  

What do you need, today?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chasing the moon

image found here

I chased you
as you made your grand entrance
into the night 
hiding behind the houses 
and peaking through
 the silhouettes of the trees.

I chased you last night 
wanting to be covered 
in your glorious glittery glow, 
to feel your luminous warmth 
embrace me,
 to hold me ~ together.

 you produce no light of your own, 
you are reliant upon the sun's light
 to reflect your image 
into my earthly eyes. 

 You are always in balance.

There was a time when we ran together, 
our cycles mirrored each other,
 so predictable, 
you and I. 

 Your energy filled me up
  like a red rose
 bursting open 
and filling the air with pollen.

Each month 
you tugged at the ebb and flow
 of my soul
 as it emptied with anticipation
 for what may be.

It is because of you
these words
pour out from me
as they splatter onto the paper.

You pull so strong 
on the waves of my emotions, 
 as I pause 
deeper and deeper into my being, 
 transitioning into what will be,
 the waves become calmer 
and I become more and more dehydrated.

Each dark phase continues
 to renew me
 and brings fresh beginnings
 and permission to start again, 
to begin
 like never before.

I chased you last night 
as the rhythm of your soul pulled me 
back and forth and back again.

Like a lullaby,
your whispers seeped in through my windows,
and illuminated my dreams.

Monday, November 7, 2011

letting go

“People hold on to their clutter because they are afraid to let it go ~~ afraid of the emotions they may experience in the process of sorting thorough the stuff, afraid they will make a mistake and later regret getting rid of something, afraid they will leave themselves vulnerable, exposed or at risk in some way.  Clutter clearing can bring up a lot of “stuff” to be faced and dealt with, and intuitively everybody knows it.

The process of clearing clutter is all about letting go.  Not just letting go of your belongings ~~ that is only the end result.  The most important thing is learning to let go of the fear that keeps you holding on to them after it is time to move them on their way.”   CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER WITH FENG SHUI,  By  Karen Kinston

I have a huge secret I’m ready to share with you. So, please be gentle with me as you read this. I’ve keep it closed up tight for years.  Those who have been in my home know it exists.  I don’t talk about it. It’s a closed subject.  In fact, the secret lies behind a closed door.  

Some of you may have a drawer, a shelf, or a closet that has been collecting clutter.   I have a whole room. You read it right.  A room ~~ 4 walls, 2 windows, a closet and a door ~~ that has been closed for almost 11 years.  I’ll confess even deeper by telling you that I removed the door knob to keep my secret shut tight and to avoid any trespassers. 

Before I became a mom I worked full time and the room was a very productive place.  It was my home office.  It was organized and functional.  Over the years, it became a container for things that did not have an assigned place in my home, for things that got in the way when people visited, for things that I simply did not know what to do with.

This room holds a lot of shame for me.  Not because of anything that has happened in it, more so, for what has not happen;  the family photos and handwritten notes that never made their way into the plastic covered scrapbooks, the gifts that were bought and never sent, the cards that were written and never mailed, the clothes that were not worn, and fabric that never made it’s way to the sewing machine.

I recently navigated through the layers of this archeological dig, and dusted off projects that will never be completed, gifts I received that never sang to my heart, and things that were bought because they were a great bargain.  I am thrilled to report that the "stuff" has been donated, recycled or tossed to the curb.

As I continued to excavate the memories that have been held captive within the cobwebs of those 4 walls, I realized that some are too heavy to let go. Like the subtle, yet so familiar cologne that lingers on the shirt my dad wore to his last visit to the hospital 19 years ago.  It still occupies a corner of the closet with the stale packet of gum in the front pocket.

It’s been a huge process of going through the layers and unraveling wounds from the past as well as dusting off treasures for the future.  

Clutter holds a negative energetic pull that keeps us stuck.  It is so obvious to me that when my home is cluttered and untidy, so is my mind.  This is when the creative blocks surface, making me feel stuck and blocked.

Love and fear cannot exist in the same space, everything that I am holding onto through fear is blocking me from having more love, more creativity and more space in my life.  Fear stops us from being who we truly are, and from doing what we are meant to do.

When we are able to resolve our clutter issues, we are able to discover parts of our self that got buried underneath it all. The rewards for clearing the clutter are abundant. 

Lately, I have a lot of clarity about my life purpose and I know that by clearing the clutter, and releasing the fear, it allows me to get closer and closer to my true self.  

Kingston tells us, “Letting go of clutter leaves you free to be you, which is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself”.

So, my friend, I invite you to let go of something you have been holding onto.  Trust me, it is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Time flies ~ embrace it

photo found here

“Where has the time gone? … Time just flies on by ….  I can’t believe another year has come and gone. ..  Time just got away from me."
If you’re like me, you may have said or thought these statements at some point.  You may even say or think them frequently.
The truth is, time is flying by, yet we are the pilots.  We navigate.  We have control over what we choose to do, or not do. 
At times, we allow ourselves to get so busy and overwhelmed.  We fill up, we speed up, and rarely hear the quiet whispers of what really matters.  
When we can really identify our priorities and what’s important in our lives, we can then allow ourselves to say “no” to what gets in our way, so that we can move towards what brings us joy, contentment and satisfaction.
 I first heard the following statement in a workshop over 20 years ago.  It goes like this.  “If you cannot say “NO” ~~ you truly do not know how to say “YES”.  These words still give me the chills.
Isn't it amazing that "No", one of the simplest and shortest words in our language is one of the most difficult words to say. 
When we learn to eliminate the unwanted stuff, people, places, and things from our lives, we can then decide what we want to make room for.  When we can identify and embrace our priorities and focus on what we want more of, we then feel more justified saying “no”, in order to pursue our dreams and goals.
Cheryl Richardson reminds us that learning to say no with grace and love is the key to protect our gift of time.  If saying “no” is difficult for you, here are 3 helpful tips she recommends:

1.       Your self care is always a valid excuse

2.     You don’t need to explain or defend your actions.  Just tell the simple truth.

3.     Doing things out of guilt and obligation is not doing things out of love.
As I sit here and write this post,  I am aware that another month is coming to an end and the start of the new month presents us with new intentions, new beginnings, and new possibilities.

I invite you to take some time today and ask yourself…

What would my life be like if there really were enough hours in each day?

What needs my attention the most at this point in my life?

What do I need to let go of to create more time?

Monday, October 17, 2011

It’s all about the hair ... or is it?

Javier Aranda hair and make-up design

There is so much I can share with you today.  I can write about my recent wheat elimination, the workshops I am facilitating, the amazing people I am attracting into my life, and all the creativity that’s blooming around here.  Instead, I chose to write about my daughter’s recent haircut.

She knew exactly what she wanted.  She had the picture in her hand to show the hairdresser (not the one shown here) and was already feeling just how amazing her new “look” was going to be.  

Instead, there were tears, stomping, text messages to friends (asking for sympathy), and more tears.

We’ve all been there, especially us gals.  Our hair is so much a part of our identity; it’s an extension of who we are and how we want to be seen. Some of us choose to show our authenticity by revealing our shades of grey, while others embellish with colors of the rainbow, tinsel, extensions, and feathers to show who we really are (or want to be).

So, back to my daughter’s tears, the agony she put my husband and me though over the weekend, and her disappointment of having to go to school today with the bangs she does not want.  The bangs that she did want are the ones that hang over to one side and cover one eye.  The truth is, her bangs looks nice.  Actually, I think they look great (when she leaves them alone).  They are not botched up, cut too short or uneven.  She got a good haircut.   

The real issue is, they are not what she visualized for herself.
For my daughter, the issue is all about the bangs.  It’s about her identity.  It’s about how she wants to be seen. 

For me, the issue has very little to do with her bangs.  For me, it’s all about her feelings.  Am I giving her enough space to feel what she needs to feel?  Do I stop telling her how great they look and empathize more?  I know I’ve been present for her.  I’ve listened to her, cuddled with her, and blown and flat ironed the bangs out several times over the weekend.  So, how much time do I allow her to grieve before I tell her to SNAP OUT OF IT?   Really ...  I’m almost there.

The one thing that I do know for sure is that I am glad I resisted putting the “for a special occasion hostess treat” in her lunch box, to help make her feel better, today.  I know she will feel better in her own sweet time.  Hopefully, it will be before the bangs fully grow out.

Friday, October 7, 2011

As the leaf
has let go,
and evolved

I  choose
Let go
of how
of where
of why
of what
I believe

Let go
of the weight
that holds

Let go
of the story
that never ends

 if I continue
to focus
as I have been,
and to believe
how I have been,
then nothing
 in my experience
 will change.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

She set her self free

 She kept her words
bottled up
like the butterfly
in the glass jar
with the lid
gripping the mouth
so tight
 nothing could
get in or out
not a whisper 
or a drop
 of air.

Until one day
she took a breath
so deep
 it found
its way
into her heart
where she discovered
the words
to set her self free.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What Path Do You Want to Follow?

The answer to the prompt,  "What path do you want to follow?" became clear to me about a year ago, when I was gifted a painting of this beautiful Mandela for my 50th birthday from my very creative and inspiring sister-in-love, Yvonna Rainbow.   Yes, it all became clearer to me when I gazed into this beautiful painting and the words that surround it.

Painting by Yvonna Rainbow Teplitsky

The Path is Made Clear to me 
as I Walk in the Direction of My Dreams

There is an abundance of time and opportunity for creative expression in whatever area I choose.

I am discovering talents I did not know I had.

 I feel good expressing myself in all sort of creative ways.

My talents are in demand and my uniques gifts are appreciated and supported by people I know, and by those whom I have not yet met.

 I am being sought out by those who are near and far.

There are people looking for exactly what I have to offer, and we are being brought together on the checkerboard of Life.

The doors are wide open and I am in constant bloom.

Yes, for me, the path is clear when I am following my dreams of a creatively inspired life.

What Path Do You Want to Follow?