Wednesday, April 20, 2011

writing our stories

"I am what I am. I accept myself as I am. I don't need to please other people by pretending to be what I am not. I can never be what I am not. I can only be me, and that's it."  –Don Miguel Ruiz

We are all creative beings.

We all create the bits and pieces that are woven together to form our uniqueness.  These bits and bits create who we were, who we are, and who we are becoming.

Yes, we all create.

Some of us create relationships, families, beautiful homes, gardens, tasty meals, art, music, photography, poetry, joy, drama, passion, sadness, fear, hope, boundaries, dreams, well-being, sickness, truth, lies, secrets, and promises.  The list is infinite.

Each and every one of us begin with a blank canvas. Over time, we splatter many shades of color and depth onto our canvas.  Some colors are filled with more light, brightness and joy than others. We also give meaning to our canvas by choosing words and phrases that we believe reflect our true self.  Our canvas holds the stories we’ve created, some of them are true, and some are not so true.  Yet, as we tell these stories over and over, and over, again, the more these stories appear to be our truth.

Many of our stories (beliefs), tend to drag us down and dim our lights because they are not our true stories.  Instead, they are sabotaging thoughts and beliefs we’ve created, or assumed from someone else’s judgments, expectations, or jealousies of us.

These stories all start as our beliefs.  Whatever we believe, becomes true for us.

Even though our beliefs create our stories, we have the power to release outdated, self-limiting patterns and thoughts so that we can re-write our story to reflect our greatness, our light, our truth, our authentic selves.

What story are you going to write today?


  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, it made me smile :) I have been looking at your blog, it is gorgeous! I love the typewriter image on this blogpost- very inspiring indeed.

  2. thank you so much for visiting my blog. i am so happy your comment has now led me to your beautiful blog! you have so much wonderful inspiration here! thank you so much for sharing it all!

    best wishes to you!

  3. What a wonderful way to start my day: finding your supportive words on my blog and then coming here and feeling like I've discovered a long, lost friend! I feel we have many things in common ... and just this morning I was writing/thinking about how I plod along on this journey, sometimes questioning myself and then a fellow traveler like you slides in next to me and I know, I am on the right path. I am excited to meet and journey with you!

    xo Lis

    I LOVE the picture of you stepping into the stream ... right then I knew, "oh yes, she is a kindred spirit!"

  4. Pure awesomeness!
    Really love the clear picture
    you paint with your words.
    All of us creative....yes indeed!
    Celebrating our choices with you,

  5. Hi Eydie! Thank you for visiting me! It seems like you are on an adventurous and wonderful journey, and i look forward to seeing more of ir. Am your newest follower! It's much fun to share our creativity with likeminded souls here in blogland - welcome!

  6. So nice to meet you, Ms. Manifestarian Eydie! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comments.

    Your blog is way cool and I'm so happy we connected! It's nice having such a creative tribe to connect with, isn't it??


  7. Eydie, it's so nice to meet you, to visit your beautiful blog, and to read these poignant remarks about finding and nurturing our authentic, creative selves in the fray of life!

    This is just what I need right now, at this crucial point of transition in terms of my career. For years I've been the circle peg trying to fit into the square hole...and I've discovered rather recently that I just don't have the energy or will to keep doing this, that I need to find a niche in a field that better utilizes my strengths and my need to create!

    Thanks for sharing your process of self- discovery with all of us...and thanks also for leaving such a wonderful compliment on my blog! It is so nice to be able to interact with other creative women here in the blogosphere!

  8. Hi Eydie!

    This is so beautiful and so needed in the world.
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog...and I'm so glad I came by your glorious internet space to return the visit!


  9. Eydie ~ so wonderful to read, "we are all creative beings." Thank you for the uplifting message and the dreamy Smith Cornona image too! Looking forward to reading more of your work @ The Word Cellar course.

  10. Oh, and the site of colorful laundry on a clothesline always makes me smile!


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