Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy BIrthday, Sage

Dear Sage,

Today, you will be wishing on 12 candles,
  plus one for good luck,
and I will be secretly wishing
to turn back time.

Back to the days of lullabies and patty cake,
finger painting and bubble blowing,

curls piled high on your head,
pink, poofy, princess wear
simple days at the park,
and cozy nights in bed.

You still haven’t lost your skip.
 I wonder
when do we?

They all told me,
“don’t blink,”
“time flies,”
“enjoy every minute.”

I didn’t really believe them.

Now, I understand and tell others the same. 
Don’t blink. Time Flies, Enjoy every minute.

I secretly wish I could turn back the clock.  
Back to when life was simple,
when I was more sure,
when decision were easier.

I want to keep you
curious, creative, uninhibited, confident, and kind.

It has always been your light
that warms my heart, allowing it to stay wide open.

Your gentle soul is what has taught me valuable
life lessons.  Knowing how to let go and when to hold on.

The love you share
has shown me
 how to give it back
 without conditions.

And, it’s within your breath I find the stillness
bringing me back to my center.

You’ve always been my little princess,
now you are my amazing rock star.

I am so very proud of you.
So very honored to be your Mom.

Happy Birthday,


  1. That was just precious, as is Sage. I could just feel the love you all have for each other jumping off the page.

  2. What beautiful photographs and memories. Happy belated birthday Sage!

  3. your princess is gloriously beautiful
    as is your love for her:)
    you're a gorgeous mama.

  4. Dear Eydie,

    Thanks for the beautiful glimpse into the love you share with Sage and her growth from little girl to someone on the cusp of adolescence. I especially like the image of Sage skipping on the beach beside the water -- how happy and carefree she looks!

    I got tears in my eyes as I looked at these pictures, I guess because a part of me still wishes my own mother had loved and valued me as much as you do Sage. I forgive her and feel her loving connection with me now -- she died in 1988.

    I don't have children of my own, but am blessed to have done childcare for a boy from the time he was several months old, until he went off to college. I took hundreds of pictures of him. I hold the images in my mind as well as on paper. I remember the feel of him, the baby scent of him, the little boy giggling and running, playing with Legos -- don't get me started.

    Warm regards, Mary


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