Reclaim your Truth Story

Deep within, there are bits and pieces of a story yearning to be restored.  Perhaps, you’ve carried it around and assumed it was yours to own. This story limits you from living your best life.

If you desire to rewrite your most empowering, positive and uplifting story and want to move forward to live the life you deserve, join us and …

·      Be guided to take back your power during a restorative meditation, transformative Energy Medicine Techniques and movement.

·      Reconnect you to your inner voice and receive the gift of being heard by “reflecting” and “mirroring” with a workshop partner

·      Discover clarity and release your inner critic with the use of writing prompts, creative play and exploration.

·      Open your heart and honor your new story as you create an artful series of  “I am” Truth Cards.  Through a process of creative expression, you will use stamping, colored makers, paint, and pastel chalk to make a deck of 8-10 meaningful Truth Cards.  The Truth Cards will sustain your True Story, and guide you to live the life you deserve.


You are invited to join us in excavating deep into 

“The Heart of Forgiveness”  

Deep within the landscape of your inner world rests your Truth, your Voice, your Fire Stories, all that you are and want to become  ~  free of pain and suffering, free of resentment, anger and hurt. Allowing emotions to emerge can bring amazing awareness and the healing you have been longing for.

During this process of inner-exploration, you will have the opportunity re-visit and re-create your personal story in a way that brings you peace of mind and inner freedom. 

  • Explore your emotional landscape through voice and written dialog.
  • Give yourself permission to feel and honor all facets of your being
  • Nurture the part of yourself that was hurt or wounded.
  • Acquire tools to shift negative patterns and elevate positive energy.
  • Recreate your personal story of inner freedom and peace of mind.
  • Create your sacred space where magic begins.

Sunday, March 13, 2016 ~ 11:00 am to 3 pm
Lunch and tea will be served
$60 early registration or $75 after March 7th
Private home in Buffalo Grove
Directions will be provide upon registrat

You can register by 
hopping on over to the 
Art of Forgiveness page 

We have created sacred space for 10 women.
If this gathering of inner-exploration resonates with you,
 please respond promptly to reserve your space.
This gathering will fill quickly.  


Living A Life Of Intention

What if you had the power to create a life filled with joy, peace, and balance?  Do you want to live your life feeling grounded, vibrant, aligned, expansive and connected to yourself and others? 

Join us, as we connect to our deepest selves and begin to cultivate the life we desire.  In this two-hour interactive and hands-on workshop, you will be guided through a process of meditation, creative-expression, mindful interaction, and playful intention as you create your personal manifestation board that will guide you to live an extraordinary life.

All supplies are included.  Feel free to bring any photos or words that speak to you.


Renew Your Story

You are the author(ity) of your story. In this 2 hour interactive and hands-on workshop, you will explore the stories you keep retelling and reliving: how they've shown up in your life, how they guide you, and how they may keep you stuck.  You will experience various techniques including creative-expression, journaling, energy therapy, and the Law of Attraction to assist in restoring and renewing the story you tell yourself and others. 

During this process,  you will create your own personal Truth Cards that will act as your compass and lead you in the direction of the life you desire to live.

No writing or art experience is required.  All supplies are included. Please bring a sense of adventure and play, and an open heart to listen to your wise voice.


Tapping Your Way To A Better Life

Are there things in your life you wish were difference… but you don’t know how to change? Find out how to release your fears and clear the limiting beliefs that hold you back from creating the life you want. 

In this workshop, you will experience tapping, also known as  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a process proven to effectively eliminate self-limiting beliefs and overcome obstacles that lead to fear, anxiety, chronic illness and pain.  As a Certified EFT Practitioner, Eydie Kugler will guide you through a simple process that may help you decrease feelings of overwhelm, eliminate food cravings, enhance relationships, elevate joy, and accelerate success, empowerment and transformation.  Hand-outs will be included in this workshop.


Love letters to yourself

Writing a letter to your past or future self is an intimate act of self-love and healing.  Imagine writing a letter to your younger self.  What would your younger self want to hear from you?  What would you write to comfort, support, or accept that younger part of you, knowing what you now know? Or, imagine writing a letter to your future self, 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years from now. What will you manifest for yourself in the future?

Join us during this process of play and exploration.  We will begin with a guided meditation, leading us to playful doodling, stamping and coloring, to create a meaningful and artful card written to you, from you.


Deepening your soul connection

This workshop offers an opportunity to open your awareness and deepen the connection with your body (home), mind (ego), and soul (highest self) to expand its relationship through honesty, authenticity, acceptance, love and joy.  Ultimately, connecting you deeper to your true essence. 

Discover ways to cultivate honesty, authenticity, clarity, and insights to deepen your relationship with your soul.  When you nourish your soul (highest self) and give it voice, you add a new dimension to your life.

We will explore through:
·      group discussions as we contemplate our soul agreements
·      guided meditation and visualization
·      movement and energy work
·      channeling the wisdom of inner dialogue and free form writing


Wisdom Cards

Creating Wisdom Cards is a fun, inspiring and intuitive process.  In this playshop, we will begin with gentle movement, followed by a guided meditation.  You will then be invited to choose from a variety of pictures that speak to you.  You do not need to know why you are attracted to the picture, only that you are.  You will tear, cut, and glue the pictures on your card, and watch it magically evolve into a beautiful, artful, and meaningful collage.

This process will expand when you are paired with a partner to explore a technique that allows the message of your card to unfold and reveal deep insights, wisdom, and clarity that is seeking you. Your partner will write down the messages for you, and you will the opportunity to do the same for your partner.  Upon completion, will have your beautiful Wisdom Card and its written messages to take home for continuous inspiration and unfolding.


The Heart of Forgiveness

Sunday, April 19th, 2015 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (one hour lunch)
$57 early registration (before April 11)  
$75 (after April 11th)

You are invited to join us in excavating deep into “The Heart of Forgiveness”. Together, we will create a sacred space where we sift through the soil of our soul and allow it to share its infinite wisdom. Deep within the landscape of your inner world rests your Truth, your Voice, your Fire Stories, the poetry of your heart and soul, all that you are and want to become-free of pain and suffering, free of resentment, anger and bitterness.

In this 4 hour, interactive workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

·      Explore your emotional landscape through voice and written dialog
·      Give yourself permission to feel and honor all facets of your being
·      Nurture the part of yourself that was hurt or wounded
·      Create your sacred space where magic happens
·      Acquire tools to shift negative patterns and elevate positive energy
·      Recreate your personal story of inner freedom and peace of mind

Bonus:  Two people will be gifted either a one hour Coaching session, or a one hour energy therapy session which will be scheduled within one month of the workshop.

Sungates Center
395 Dundee Road, Suite 500,
(SouthEast Corner, Milwaukee and Dundee)
Wheeling, IL 60090

This workshop will be co-facilitated

Meet Corina Luna Dea
As an Archaeologist for the Soul, Corina shares the wisdom she gathered by sifting through her own emotional sediment, guiding her clients to unearth their inherent resilience as the path to inner freedom and peace of mind.  Committed to creating deep paradigm shifts in the Soul of Humanity, Corina teaches how to break the silence of what hurts through sharing your story, poetry making and connecting with each other from the heart. Corina holds a B.A. in Psychology and is trained as a Life Coach at Coaches Training Institute.  To contact Corina, email her at:

Meet Eydie Kugler
As an artist, writer, energy worker, and manifestarian, Eydie believes the very essence of our life experiences are happening because of the thoughts we think, the stories we tell, and the power we give to them.  Eydie leads workshops to guide others to connect with their higher self through authentic expression, spiritual expansion, and creative play.  As a Certified LifeForce Energy Healer, an Emotional Freedom Technique and Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, she will meet you where you are, creating a safe, supported space for inspiring self-exploration, expanding possibilities, and elevating wellness and joy.   To  contact Eydie, email her at: