Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Celebrating my Dad


  Today is my Dad's birthday.
 He would have 77 years old. 

I continue to miss him

There are so many memories I cherish,
and so much I wish I could have shared with him
 during these past 20 years of my life.

I feel his presence 
watch over me,
 and I know in my heart,
 he has been with me 
during the precious moments
of my life.

photo source

Every year,
on this day,
for the past 20 years,
I write love notes
 on a big, bright, balloon.

I hug it,
let it go,
 sending it off with lots of love
 as I watch it fade and disappear
into to the vastness above.

It continues to heal my heart.

My Daughter shares this ritual
of sending love up to the heavens
to her Papa.

It deeply heals my heart.

I celebrate my Dad.

I will celebrate my daughter's
 12th birthday.

It will be a day of pure 

Note: My daughter started her birthing journey on my Dad's birth day, 12 years ago, today. She shares her birthday tomorrow with my grandmother (Dad's Mom) who is also gone.  The connection of their birthdays fills my heart with JOY. 


  1. oh Eydie, what a beautiful photo
    ...you're both shining bright
    with the love between you
    and it melts my heart
    to see it:)
    Your love for your father
    is a beautiful thing
    and I'm sure he is grinning proudly
    at his girl.
    tender hugs,

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your father. My dad has been gone for 12 years, his birthday was March 22nd. I still miss him so much and always will.

  3. Eydie, I miss your Dad too and this is a wonderful tribute to him. I remember the moment when that picture was taken and he was so happy for you. Also, thank you for sharing the balloon messages with me as I now do that to send my love to my Dad. Love you my forever friend.


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