Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sage

Dear Sage,

When you emerged and entered the world 11 years ago today, my heart opened wide, and I experienced a love so pure, instant, and deep.

During our 11 years together, you have taught me more about purpose, intention, awareness, intuition, patience, and acceptance than I have known in all of my 50 years.

You instantly created a pink glittered world, filled with magic, swirly dresses, tea parties, everyday celebrations, ritual, and fairy dust.

Through our adventures together, I have gained a clearer understanding of my inner child and also how I continue to become who I am.

You have taught me when to hold strong and when when to let go.

You have taught me to always have an open mind, heart, and arms.

You have taught me the true meaning of listening to my inner voice.

Today, I celebrate you and the beauty you have brought to my world.

I admire your strong sense of of your self, your unique style and individuality,  your compassion and acceptance of others, and your positive approach to all that surrounds you.  You radiate joy each and every day.

Happy Birthday, my sweet 11 year old daughter.

My wish for you is to always be surrounded by kind, loving, supportive, and considerate friends all the days of your life.

To have quite moments where you can just be.

To always know how to find your way home.

And, when you look in the mirror, I wish for you to always see a confident, beautiful, creative, inspiring being who is always worthy and deserving of genuine love, pure beauty, greatness, and to be centered in truth and peace. 
  May of all your dreams be your realities.

I love you with my whole being.
Love Aways,


  1. swooning....just swooning.
    Altogether beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful birthday tribute.
    Daughters Rock!
    Happy Birthday Sage!

  3. She looks like a sweetheart! I have a ten-year-old daughter who stole my heart as well:)

  4. Oh, Eydie...she's such a little beauty. These photos are just precious. What a lucky little girl to have you as her wise & brave Mommy.

    Aren't little girls just the sweetest?

    Happy Birthday, Sage (a little belated). May your sweet life overflow with blessings.

    Sending love to you, beautiful Eydie, and your lovely daughter.

    Thank you so much for leaving your sweet words on my always means so much. I am very grateful.


  5. Eydie, this is so beautiful. So, so very beautiful.


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