Monday, March 7, 2011

seeds of intention

~ Garden Goddess ~ Esalen, Big Sur

Spring peeks around the corner,

shining her abundance

of color, song, and possibilities,

as she gently reminds us

to plant our dreams, desires, and wishes.

 I came across this beautiful video, Your Dreams are Important,
 created by the amazing, Andrea Schoeder,  
and just had to share it with you.  

One of the abundant gardens at Esalen in Big Sur

So take a deep breathe

and plant a handful of seeds.

Water, nurture, and sprinkle them with patience, trust, and courage,

enabling them to bloom into

 what you want to be, do, and have in your life.

 It's time for you to live your life full of possibilities and abundance.

  What are your seeds of intention?


  1. Thank you for this beautiful, shiny post, Eydie.

    That photo in Big Sur is absolutely gorgeous...I want to go plant myself in the middle of all that color and breathe and soak up that view and scatter my seeds all over the place.


  2. mmmmmm....sun on skin.
    What a delicious idea to
    hold in my mind till I'm toasty.

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Eydie. I just love that garden. Big Sur - on my list of must visit places now! Planting my seeds of intention now. Thank you!

  4. what a delicious stop today for my eyes and senses . such depth of color . blessings

  5. Hi Eydie ! Oh, the sweet trip you took us on here. The Spring is spring here very slowly and it feels good. We could have more of the "s" word anytime though, so I am just basking in this day that feels like the beginning.

    Thanks so much for your encouragement to send in my banner birdies to the brave girls club. It was a treat seeing it there !
    I will be back to get to know you better !
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Your pictures are so gorgeous. I want to jump into them. I love the goddess too. I found you through Julia's blog, the painted path. Nice to meet you :)

  7. Hi Eydie! What a great sculpture and beautiful garden. What a gorgeous post too! I just came back from a gratitude walk and took pictures of things i'm grateful!

    Love, violette


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