Friday, March 18, 2011

Crazy Hat Day

  My daughter and I recently watched and drooled over the tiny hat video that the amazingly creative, humorous, and generous, 
Julie Fei-Fan Belzer recently shared.  

And what perfect timing ... tomorrow is "Crazy Hat Day" at my daughter's school.  So, out came the felt, glue, flowers, and embellishments. ,,, And, here it is!

When they ask, "where did you get that awesome and unique hat?   My daughter can answer,  "It's my creation, I made it."  I can already feel the satisfaction and excitement skip in her heart.

Don't you just love crazy hat day!


  1. I do love it!

    She's adorable-her shiny spirit comes right through those eyes, that smile.

    Sending love, Edie. I so appreciate you.

  2. those eyes!
    that hat!


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