Sunday, April 1, 2012

Balance ~~ April OLW Blog Hop

Welcome to the One Little Word Blog Hop where members of Ali Edwards' OLW class share something about their word. On the first of each month, I’ll participate and then give you the link to the next person in line.

My One Little Word for 2012 is BALANCE.  And it's really a big word, with a lot of challenge in it.   

This month I will be focusing on balancing my seven chakras.  When one or more of our chakras fall out of balance, or fails to operate as it is designed to, essential parts of out psychic and spiritual expression become dysfunctional or shut down.

In Sonia Choquette's book, True Balance, she explains, "Our energy system governs our energetic and psychic well-being.  When our seven centers of energy are balanced, we feel feel grounded, emotionally safe, mentally in charge, receptive to love and loving, effective and creative in all forms of our expression, inspired and imaginative, and intimately connected to and guided by the universe."  

When our centers of energy are in alignment, we perform with ease.  Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals and values are in balance.

reflection time at  Esalen 

Every day, I am reminded that the need for balance begins in our heart and mind.  The thoughts we think of and the stories we tell shape us and act as weights, allowing us to be in or out of balance.  It is essential to be cognizant that we have the power at any moment, to change or shift any area of our life.  We can create a new or different path so that we can follow our deepest desires.  

What about you? What are your thoughts? What do you do to create balance in your life??   Do share!

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  1. Sitting in Meeting for Worship this morning I was remembering yet again how grateful I am for this and how it helps to centre me and ensure I keep some form of balance in my life.

    Remembering that we are writing the story of our lives and therefore have the power to change that story as we wish is powerful and scary at the same time.

  2. Eydie, Thanks for sending this reminder of the chakras out. I'm doing a couple fertility workshops in Chicago in a few weeks and they're based on the chakras. I always enjoy getting new charts and reading different perspectives on them. Have a peaceful day. Jenilyn

  3. A thoughtful post about your word. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Eydie, I don't know anything about chakras but have always been interested, so I searched for Choquette at my library. They didn't have "True Balance" but I got out about tapping into your soul to discover what we are put here to do. Do you know that one by her?
    I had a grad school professor (whose own life was severely out of balance) who drew a diagram for me about different areas of a life and how to see if they're balanced. Of course, it's usually not for me. I really look forward to learning more about this!
    P.S. So interesting that creativity and purpose are in the same chakra as sexuality. Wonder why...

  5. very interesting post about balance and chakras. i know personally i feel at my best when the main areas of my life are in balance. thanks for sharing your insights. love, kelly

  6. I know the beauty that comes when the Chakras are aligned and balanced. I think I have always had more difficulty maintaining the balance. Good luck on your journey and thank you for sharing!

  7. My word this year is balance as well. I love seeing the different perspectives of the same word.

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  8. I've been studying the chakras lately - finding the whole thing fascinating - how one connects to another..and how big a challenge it is to align them. Wonderful post!

  9. I am fascinated with the theory of chakras and have been wanting to learn more about them for quite some time. Thanks so much for sharing and good luck with your word!

  10. balance, beautiful balance.
    wishing you a weekend of bright balanced wonder:)

  11. Eydie,
    Where've you been and are you ok? Missing you!


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