Tuesday, February 14, 2012


photo taken in Big Sur

I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  In our house it’s a day of chocolate and stuffed animals, hand written poems and love notes, fresh cut strawberries with ripples of whip cream, flowers sitting tall in a vase, and handmade cards and crafted gifts given to those we love and appreciate.

Yes, it’s another opportunity to give and to show appreciation and love to those who are dear to us.

It’s also the perfect day to remember and honor ourselves.  To open our hearts inward.  To practice self love.   

True self love is when you recognize your deepest space where there is no room for outside approval. It’s when you honor yourself with patience, understanding, forgiveness, and acceptance (yes, the good, the bad, the pretty, and the ugly).   It’s when you heal old wounds, and evacuate the root of your fears.  It’s when you truly believe just how strong, smart, creative, unique and brave you really are.  It’s having the courage to walk in the direction of your dreams and desires. 

Self LOVE begins when you really, really, really believe
 ~ you are enough ~. 

Celebrate you. 
 Write yourself a big, beautiful LOVE letter. 
Tell yourself how proud you of you. 
Compliment yourself on all your gifts and talents.
 Thank yourself for being

Photo of a mailbox at Esalen in Big Sur

Happy LOVE Day,



  1. love, love, LOVE all the loving going on
    over here!
    thanks for those images....the wonderful photos
    and the ones you painted
    with your words.
    Love the idea of the love letter
    to myself:)
    Myself is needing that.
    Much love and big thanks
    for all the shiny grace you share,

    1. Jennifer,

      Your words are like liquid poetry.
      They sooth my soul and sing to my heart.

      Enjoy every minute with your amazing son.

      I’m sure there is an abundance of love floating around your house.

      Happy LOVE day,

  2. Wow! How did you know I needed just these words today? The paragraph describing self love is the best definition I have read...and I think it's going to be copied and pasted on my wall here at home so I can read it often.

    Thank you for this.

    1. Deborah,

      Your words were just what I needed today. Thank you for the beautiful compliment.

      Your visits alway bring sunshine to my day.

      I honor you. I honor your “enoughness".


  3. Happy love day to you too, my friend.

  4. I am working on the self-love, Eydie. Thank you for another beautiful blog post. I hope you and your family had a joy-filled day.

    1. Pam,

      I’m sending lots of LOVE to you.

      Your visits bring sunshine to my day.

  5. i LOVE this love photo!! gorgeous!
    happy valentines, dear!! xox


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