Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A year of wishes

My heart is full of gratitude and joy.  I recently entered a drawing to win "A year of wishes Calendar", created by the beautiful and very talented Lori Porka and Lisa Sarick.  You can read about their stories and see more of Lori’s art by clicking on the words that are in pink. 

To enter the drawing for this beautiful calendar, all I had to do was write my wishes for the this coming year, and leave it in the comment section of Lori’s blog.  For those of you who follow my blog,  you know how much I love setting intentions.  In fact, I am looking forward to sharing our family ritual of intention setting for the new year which I will post the first week in January.  Setting intentions has alway been a magical ritual for me.  So, I wrote on Lisa’s comment section of her blog, and this is what I wished for ....

  • to create a greater sense of health and an abundance energy for myself
  • to expand my creativity and share it with others
  • to be a radiant and positive light for my daughter
  • to be loving and mindful with my husband
  • to be the light for others and to guide them to follow their hearts, to listen to the quiet voice within, and know that their lives are filled with possibilities.

I was so excited and grateful to see my name picked out of a hat.  I was one of 5 fortunate women to be gifted this beautiful calendar. 

It truly is so much more than just a calendar.  You can learn all about its magic by watching this fun and inspiring video.

When you want to feel renewed and joyful, stop by Lori’s Etsy, and spread the LOVE.  I know you will find the perfect gifts for yourself and for those you hold deep in your heart.

What do you wish for today?

Lori Portka 
“Spreads Happiness through Art”
All the art seen in this posting
 can be found on Lori’s blog


  1. Give and you shall recieve...of course you won, your positive energy lights up the internet!
    Congratulations...I too enjoy New Year lists and my conscience reminds me often about the ones I let get away...:)
    Merry, Joyfilled Christmas♥Debi

  2. CONGRATULATIONS for winning the calendar. I'm all about setting intentions, as well, and I love this post so very much. Fellow flyer here, stopping by to say hi! Will be back, soon!

  3. So glad for you! Looks like it landed in the perfect hands! :)

  4. Soooo glad you won one!
    I love this wishing time of year
    ....seems to pull into focus all of the hope
    swishing around in my heart
    the rest of the year.
    Wishing for clarity and community
    in the Christmasing:)

  5. Thank you so much for this beautiful post, Eydie. I have scheduled tweets about it for tomorrow. You are so sweet. I'll be back to visit again tomorrow :) xoxo

  6. oh congratulations!!! i adore lori + her art! it's like winning light beams!! xox!!


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