Sunday, February 6, 2011


They came unexpectedly,
pouring out from me as I made breakfast this morning. 
Were these tears releasing  all the would haves… 
could haves… should haves… the what ifs? 
Were these tears unraveling all of the neatly wrapped, tightly tied,
and boxed up fears and doubts 
that have been stored away all these years?  
Could these be the tears of wanting to change decisions that were made, or to have a second chance at the ones that were not.

These tears brought a sense of awareness, and release.  
A ray of light within my soul.  
A lightness within my being.


  1. Oh, the release that comes with tears-I've had my share of them lately too. So glad you got all that out, Eydie, and that you're left with lightness.

    Your photo captures so much.

    Sending you love.

  2. Wonderful Soul Restoration and words. I have had some winter blues tears too and am down with the flu. Spring will be here soon with sunshine and smiles.

  3. Cleansing words...nice to let go

  4. healing and cleansing. I just love your words.


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