Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chasing the moon

image found here

I chased you
as you made your grand entrance
into the night 
hiding behind the houses 
and peaking through
 the silhouettes of the trees.

I chased you last night 
wanting to be covered 
in your glorious glittery glow, 
to feel your luminous warmth 
embrace me,
 to hold me ~ together.

 you produce no light of your own, 
you are reliant upon the sun's light
 to reflect your image 
into my earthly eyes. 

 You are always in balance.

There was a time when we ran together, 
our cycles mirrored each other,
 so predictable, 
you and I. 

 Your energy filled me up
  like a red rose
 bursting open 
and filling the air with pollen.

Each month 
you tugged at the ebb and flow
 of my soul
 as it emptied with anticipation
 for what may be.

It is because of you
these words
pour out from me
as they splatter onto the paper.

You pull so strong 
on the waves of my emotions, 
 as I pause 
deeper and deeper into my being, 
 transitioning into what will be,
 the waves become calmer 
and I become more and more dehydrated.

Each dark phase continues
 to renew me
 and brings fresh beginnings
 and permission to start again, 
to begin
 like never before.

I chased you last night 
as the rhythm of your soul pulled me 
back and forth and back again.

Like a lullaby,
your whispers seeped in through my windows,
and illuminated my dreams.


  1. Eydie, this is one of the most beautiful poems and images of the moon I have ever read or seen! Did you write it?

    The moon is a kindred lucky we are to see it and bask in its magical glow :)


  2. How lovely and inspiring! I really like how you describe in your comment that you were chasing the moon and wanted to write about it. Thank you for sharing what poured out of your soul!

  3. loving the way you let the moon romance you
    and you dance and sway
    to it's music:)
    beautiful share....thank you.

  4. Gwynnie B ,

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

    My daughter and I were chasing the moon (by car) last night. It was so BIG, so low, and appeared to be so close. I felt so connected. I kept telling her that I want to write about “chasing the moon”.

    The poem poured out of me this morning. I just love when that happens.

  5. "to feel your luminous warmth
    embrace me, to hold me ~ together."

    " permission to start again,
    to begin
    like never before."

    These lines stopped me in my tracks, Eydie...the whole poem did. It's truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing this lovely bit of light.

    With love,


  6. oh wow...what an incredible piece, the essence of the moon...and you..and me. Absolutely beautiful Eydie!
    Was so lovely to have you stop by my blog and be the blessed receiver of your beautiful words too. Thankyou so much, really made my heart beam :)xx

  7. Thanks for the sweet birthday greeting, Eydie! It was a magical celebration =-)

    I'm still thinking of your moon poem and how it "poured out of you". That's how much your words and image affected me.

    Have a fab Thanksgiving, dahling!!


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