Thursday, September 1, 2011

Embrace your Wild Women

There is a wild women in all of us.  Sometimes we don’t allow her to be seen, or heard, we keep her quiet and small.  Yet, she is in all of us, yearning to be celebrated and expressed!
Today, I was delighted to see this beautiful poster from Bliss Chick.  

Serious, this inspiring and magnificent poster is yours, for FREE, from the talented BlissChick.   She wrote this inspiring manifesto and Heidi from Daisybones created the visuals.

So, print it and hang it where you can see it everyday.  It’s your gift to remind you of how big you can dream, how far you can go, and how amamzing you already are.

Feel free to up load it on your blog or website or print out a bunch and leave them in random places to be found!  How fun would that be?  So, spread the word and share the gift of the Wild Women.

Have an inspiring and wild day!


  1. Hi Eydie,
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful reminder of our power and wonder. I know so many women (myself included) that will be uplifted by this little piece of magic. I will share it on my blog as well.


  2. "too much".....isn't that just
    the most life-sucking thing a woman
    can hear about herself.
    It's almost worse than "not enough".
    Makes me want to light a candle
    at the grave
    of all those times
    I rode my brakes so hard
    my motor was burning alive.
    Oh thank God for muchness!
    I love this, Eydie.
    Thanks for the incredible gift
    of hopeful freedom:):):)
    Wildly grateful,

  3. Eydie,

    YES! I am so resonating with this energy at the moment and am on a journey of embracing the Goddess within (Leonie Allan's work), the wild woman within, and the sisterhood.

    LOVE the poster, will do as suggested!

  4. Thanks, Eydie, for bringing this to our attention. I posted it on my blog last night along with a link to yours. What would we do without you?

  5. Eydie you are wise in choosing your mentors. Shine your light brightly for all to see...never apologize for the wonderfulness that is you. Not too much and never not are always just right! As you wish for yourself, i join in wishing for you also!

  6. I'm going to print one up and sneak it into my 13 year old's locker at school. (better print up for a couple of the teachers when they see it!)
    Thanks! This is great!

  7. Thank you soooo much for sharing this, "powerful' reminder, of what women are made of!!! Love it!! :]
    As you wish to embrace the wild women in yourself, I also wish to embrace mine as well. <3


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