Monday, August 8, 2011

I do not have to...

Some of us are obsessed with making lists, and some of us tend to avoid them.  Lists can help us feel more organized and productive, and at other times, they can make us feel defeated and overwhelmed. They can provide us with a sense of self-worth or can they can lower our self-esteem.   Some of us even create items on our lists (even after we have done them) just so that we can cross them off.

Whatever our relation is to making lists, we can create an endless number of "to do" items:

grocery shopping lists
school supplies lists
list of recommended art supplies
books to read
wish lists
travel packing items
new years resolutions
important telephone numbers
gratitude lists
phone calls to make and to return
daily priorities
pros and cons
25 random things about me
honey do lists
things to do before I turn (whatever that magic number is)
a how to ~ step by step
blogs to visit

Yes, we all have the desire to accomplish, to organize, to be productive, to acquire, and to succeed.  Most of the lists we create, reflect what we believe, we “have to do”.  But ~  what if, seriously, what if ...  we do not have to?

Today, I invite you to create a “do not have to” list.   I’ll share first.

I do not have to ….

… figure out my past

… always understand what I am feeling

… have just one favorite color

… dive head first into the water

… know what comes next

… smile when I am feeling sad

… be understood by everyone

… explain myself

… finish what I start

… share when I don’t want to

… know all the answers

…  be the best

… say “yes” when I don’t want to

… love my hair ~ everyday

…  feel responsible for how others feel

… apologize when I feel I am not sorry or wrong

Now, it’s your turn. Make your list and see what you 


  1. Hi thank you for visiting my blog today, I love your header and love your posts. I read a few of them. you are very inspiring. I hope you have an awesome day. will see you again as I am a new follower. thanks for making my day. take care.

  2. OH! Yes, yes! I love this, liberating.

    Thank you for reminding me that I do not have to...

    Sending a ton of love your way,


  3. Love this post! Seriously, sometimes I find myself drowning in lists and notes t myself. Being a creative sort, a mother, a business owner can manifest posts of things to be done/to do and although I enjoy the majority of it all it can be overwhelming and frustrating when the lists are seemingly growing instead of balancing off:) so what to do today? Just be...just go with the flow...focus on what I want:)

  4. Eydie,

    Thank you so much for reaching out to me on my blog. It really means so much to me to hear such kind and encouraging words. My blog is in its infant stages, as is my confidence about it and my abilities to really create something special and meaningful. But with help from wonderful people like you and Julia, both are quickly growing : )

    I've only read this one post of yours, but I am already inspired. I am quite a list maker and while it often brings me a sense of direction and accomplishment, it can become very overwhelming and burdensome. I LOVED your list and agree with everything on it. In fact, tomorrow when I wake up I'm going to write it down to start off my day on a great note!

    Thank you again for taking the time to reach out to me. I look forward to reading your blog and connecting with you even more...

    Love and warmest wishes,

  5. stopped by to soak slowly
    in this life-giving list
    and let it liberate my soul
    from the muck of the past few days
    ....much thanks for this un-do list!
    Makes my heart fairly skip into
    new beginnings,


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