Friday, April 15, 2011


I was inspired to write this as a celebration of honoring my spiritual being and physical self after listening to my soul sister, Annie Burnside talk last night on her perspective of “Soul to Soul”.

Esalen, Big Sur. May 2010

She carried it all on her shoulders.

In the beginning, she learned to be responsible for others.  She felt their disappointments, fears, weaknesses and sadness. She yearned to patch and reconnect the areas of their “being” that needed mending. 

She carried it all on her shoulders

She often pondered, (well, maybe even obsessed) over should haves and should not haves, over what might have been, what never was, and what could still be. (How interesting that “should” is inside the “shoulders”.)  

She carried it all on her shoulders.

And the more she said “yes”, when she meant “no”, her light began to dim, as the joy seeped out through the cracks, and into the darkness. 

Over time, she became very tired and her shoulders became very stiff and sore.   Until one day, she heard a whisper, the one that had been calling out to her, all along the way.  Yet this time, she really listened, and she began to quiet the other voice in her head.   She started to take tiny steps and she began to trust the process.

The more she listened, the more she stopped thinking about everything she thought she should be doing.  And she allowed herself to be.  She allowed herself to hear the whispers, “let go” …”let go" … and the whispers become louder and clearer …
“let go”.

The more she listened, the more she let go.   And, the more she let go, the more her jaws softened and her throat opened. And, as her shoulders loosened, they began to swing freely as she danced and twirled toward the brightness of the moon

What would happen if you let go?


  1. This is so deeply touching, Eydie. I love the leaf idea. It really is all about letting go, over and over and over again, isn't it?

    Thank you for so beautifully expressing your sweet self.

    Sending you love today,


  2. i love that you wrote this on a leaf!
    & i love what you wrote!
    inspiring! gorgeous!
    (& i also adore your shoes!) :)

  3. Oh, Eydie, this is so brought tears to my eyes. What a simple and yet profound message of release and Self-Love for all! I enJOYed the photos, the words, and most of all the pure "Eydieness" that shone through. Your voice is strong and clear...please keep sharing it in FULL!
    Much, Much LOVE and JOY to you, dear one! Annie

    Btw, I really loved this: (How interesting that “should” is inside the “shoulders”.) I had never heard it before and you just nailed it. And you know how much I adore the Body/Mind/Spirit Connection:)

  4. freedom.
    freedom happens when we let go
    of all those shoulds
    so heavy on our shoulders.
    i love this...oh how i love this.
    and you.

  5. so beautiful! i was just in big sur a bit ago...sweet memories :) thank you for the inspiration!


  6. {The more she listened, the more she let go.} => Beautiful reminder ... Lovely, thought-full words, and vibrant colors and setting to portray this process. ♥

  7. Someone said to me the other day "what do you know about Intentional Living?" I was not sure, she said "investigate it" and I am and I am so thankful I have found this site. It will be a wounderful starting place.

    Thank you.



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