Sunday, January 9, 2011

my word for 2011

As I began the first several days of the new year, I found myself scattered in all different directions.  Some of the time I was tying up loose ends, while other times I was starting new projects, new tasks, and new lists.  Whatever I found myself doing, time just seemed to escape from me.

I  attempted to write this blog several times, yet I found myself spiraling from the tornado effects of all this scattered energy.

Now, I find my stillness and I release my word for 2011


And this is what it means to me.

To have direction… to define…to make clear…to stay on task…to be decisive…to be conscious…to be deliberate…to concentrate…to shine the light…

It means for me to be my own compass. To know which path to take, when to continue on that path, and when to get off.  To be conscious of what I give my attention to, knowing that what I focus on, I will attract.  Today, my path is made clear to me as I walk in the direction of my dreams.


  1. Eydie,
    I am so glad we are going to be Brave Girls together! I totally connected with your blog and like everything you like - even movies and books! Thanks for leaving such a sweet post. One of my dreams this year is to guide a vision board making workshop. Maybe you could tell me what works in yours.
    All the best as we begin our Soul Restoration tomorrow!

  2. Hi nice to find you.
    Thanks for dropping by.
    I love your word and can
    so relate:)
    Wait, what was I saying?

  3. Great word! Can't beat Brave Girls and OLW together - us ladies are going to take over the world this year!

  4. I am still trying to find my word for 2011, how sad is that? LOL! I have a couple in mind, just need to really decide...I love your word!

    Looking forward to Soul Restoration!!


  5. Yes, you go girl inspire the way - that's a powerful word for your year!

    I picked my word at a winter solstice ritual, and I was pleased with my word: Transformation!
    - I tell you it's already working it's magic as I'm catching my breath - in a good way....

  6. Hi Eydie. I just wanted to come here & say thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog, your comments are always so heart warming.

    I look forward to reading your words clearly have a way with them.

    Sending you love today.

  7. P.S: I love this post and your word for the year...I think you & I have quite a lot in common. I can completely relate to that "scattered" all over the place-ness. I've been asking for clarity a lot lately on how I can best do good in this world.

    Here's to being our own compass as we walk this path together.


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