Thursday, November 11, 2010

the crack

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it started as a small hairline crack, barely noticeable. only she knew it was there.

as the years moved on, her foundation shifted in different directions, allowing her to become more grounded.

the stuff that was kept inside, hidden deep, could no longer stay buried. it found its way up to the surface and emerged.

eventually, nothing could be kept inside…

and on one glorious day she just cracked wide open.


  1. I just love this post! I'm so glad you decided to come out and play ;-) Thought I'd fly over and see how you were doing, it's a lovely Blog -REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Biz/Fan page!/pages/Me-Myself-and-You/105043419547115

  2. I love this poem and post. Very good. I am glad you took the plunge.

  3. This a wonderful little piece of writing. The photo is a good illustration for it.

    Your post has resonated with me; as a fellow Flyer, artist, writer and mom, I too am just 'emerging' and feeling like I need to 'crack wide open' through my blog. I am still taking baby steps, but to paraphrase Linda R above, I have come out to play. Nice to see you in the sand box. I look forward to reading about all your creative bits that will start making its way from that crack.

    Enjoy your new journey as a Blogger. I have a feeling it will suit you very well indeed.


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