Monday, November 29, 2010

what's your sign?

They are all around us. Some tell us where to go, how fast we can go, and when to stop.

Some we inherit at birth that link us to our astronomical destiny.
Others are quiet whispers that come to us through our intuitive mind. They alert us to danger, while others can provide us with solutions.

A friend of mine insists that when she asks the Universe a soul-searching question, she miraculously receives answers and guidance in the form of a passing license plate or a street sign. It could be one simple word or a number that shows up for her as a “sign”.

I recently read a story written by Melody Ross that was posted on her “Brave Girl Club” blog. It really touched my heart and made me think of the stuff we carry around that others may not be aware of. Many of us walk around with smiles on our faces that camouflage the sad stuff that we carry in our hearts. For some, the greater the pain, the bigger the smile is to protect the scars and wounds that we carry within us.

What would life be like if we wore signs? Signs that would tell everyone around us what is going on in our lives. They would alert others to know what we are feeling, experiencing, and needing from one another. They would allow us to really connect with each other.

Think about what your interaction could be like with the cashier at the grocery store if you knew that her child was really sick, and how worried she was, or the waitress who’s husband just left her and how scared she is for her family, or your boss who just found out that his wife has breast cancer and how he fears the unknown. Yes, stop and think for a minute. Imagine how different our interactions could be. We could be so much more conscious with each other if we were able to wear our signs on our hearts so that the world could really see what we are feeling and experiencing. We could be so much more for each other.
What is your sign that you want the world to see?


  1. I love this, Eydie. How much more conscious & connected & compassionate & less alone we would all be. Imagine.

  2. I just loved this idea of wearing a sign and letting the world know what is real for you in that moment Today mine would say "be gentle. My heart is tender"

  3. I was so touched by your comments!! I am so glad that you found BIB. It is so special to us and we are thrilled to have any and all involved!! I would LOVE to see your post that you are putting together...I will be sure to link it to our site!!

    We love you!!! Adoptive families are the BEST!!!!

  4. My sign would be "Found". I think I was lost for a long time. I am now found. I loved this post. Thanks

  5. Eydie, I like this very much and have to add that many of us do carry signs which are noticed only by those that care. Those are the ones that we call friends in every sense of the word. I really like this, thank you for sending it.

  6. Eydie, I found this to be a great post. I believe that people often don't see the signs because they have not yet found their own. Please post more.


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